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Deliver Us From Evil           Supporting        Dir. Scott Derrickson

Good Girls.                    Supporting .      Dir. Lee Friedlander

Side Effects                      Supporting        Dir. Steven Soderbergh

Orange is the New Black     Supporting        Dir. Michael Trim

The Witch in the Window  Supporting        Dir. Andy Mitton

Criminal Minds                Supporting        Dir. Peter Ellis

BnB Hell                          Supporting        Dir. Andrew Jordan

RedRum .                        Supporting        Dir. Christopher Cassel

Hansel Vs. Gretel              Supporting        Dir. Ben Demaree

The Practice                    Supporting         Dir. Jeannot Szwarc

Pennies/Love & DIstrust      Supporting        Dir. Warner Loughlin

That's Life                       Supporting         Dir. Michael Schultz

Roads to Riches                Supporting        Dir. Michelle Gallagher

Untold Stories OF The ER   Supporting        Dir. F. Paul Benz

Midnight Movie                Supporting        Dir. Jack Messitt

Vanished From Alcatraz.    Supporting        Dir. Phillip Day

Murder By Numbers          Supporting        Dir. Siegfried Kamml

Haunted                         Supporting        Dir. Bradford May

Good Funk .                     Supporting        Dir. Adam Kritzer

Dallas                            Supporting        Dir. Nick Havinga

Notoriety                         Supporting        Dir. Reyna Rosenshein

Miami Vice                     Supporting        Dir. Ate de Jong

Kiss The Bride                   Supporting        Dir. Vanessa Parise

Close To Home                Supporting        Dir. John Peters


Bill W & Dr. Bob               Anne              Theatre 68

Durang Durang                 Melissa           Hollywood Court Theatre

Police Officer's Wives        Felice              Ventura Court Theatre

Manchurian Candidate      Eugenie           West Coast Ensemble

'Til It Shines .                    Marlene          West Coast Ensemble

Chamber Music               Gertrude Stein   18th Street Theatre- NYC

The Immigrants                  Leah                Coconut Grove Playhouse

Midsummer Night's Dream  Helena            Shakespeare Festival of Dallas

Teibele & Her Demon         Genendel        Ruth Foreman Theatre-FL

Today I'm a Fountain Pen     Mrs. llchak      Ruth Foremaan Theatre-FL

Savage In Limbo .              Savage           South End Alt. Theatre- FL

Today I'm a Fountain Pen      Mrs. llchak      Ruth Foremaan Theatre

The Last Unicorn (ASL)          Molly             Callier Theatre Of The Deaf

What Critics are saying:

 "The Witch in the Window"

        ....And there's another threat, Lydia. AN excellent performance by Carol Stanzione helped to BEST SCARE at the GRIMMFEST and it's the "scare" that  makes The Witch In The Window the winner.

  "BnB Hell"- Heaven Horror-by Karina Adelgaard

          The BnB hostess is one of the creepier characters I've seen i a good while. In other words, this is a huge kudos to actress Carol Stanzione, who plays the "mommy". And trust me, she's really not the kind of person you'd want for a mother!

  "BnB Hell"- Dan Frazen

         The twisted innkeeper, Stanzione does a terrific job keeping the viewer on their toes  as to her true intentions. Stanzione provides the depth to her ole and knocks it out of the park.

 "Police Officer's Wives"-West Coast Premiere- Back Stage West

       Stanzione gives the best performance in her sensitive portrait of an abused wife at the end of her rope. The portrayal is loaded with focus and dynamics that made the character memorable.

  "Manchurian Candidate"-West Coast Premiere -Variety

        Another Notable perferomance;  Carol Stanzione who manages to look confused at the convulsions of the plot but still projects the aura of her indepednet woman in control of her surroundings.

  "Durang Durang -West Coast Premiere-LA Weekly"

         ...features a ferociously funny turn by Carol Stanzione as a horrible development executive.


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